Scary picture of Mark

Oh! Hello there. Welcome to my site!

What’s that? Scary picture? Oh, yeah, I guess it is a bit menacing. It was actually generated using neural style transfer from the images below

Less scary picture of Mark A slighlty less scary picture of me
Der Tod als Erwurger by Alfred Rethel Der Tod als Erwurger by Alfred Rethel: A wood carving from the 1850’s

Neural style transfer (re)composes an image from the style of a reference image using neural networks. You of course can’t do one of these without the obligatory ‘Starry Night’

Starry Mark

Where were we? Oh, yes…

Well then, welcome to my personal blog! This site is where I plan to post up my mad science misadventures about how to do things as above, for example, as well as other project write-ups.

For a less-nonsensical bio:

I am a currently a Senior Scala Engineer at Blue Orange Digital.

I have experience building and automating platforms that provide advanced analytics and interfaces to customers, as well as enhanced operational tools for internal service provisioning using awesome tools like Scala, Akka, Play Framework, and Kuberentes.

I was also part of a small start-up team focusing on bringing products to market from the ground up. My primary focus was working with firmware engineers to write libraries and customer facing applications (iOS, Android, PC) that could talk to our sensor devices via Bluetooth.

I received my PhD before that, where my studies focused on QM calculations relating to chiroptical properties of transition metal complexes. For a list of my publications, check out my Google Scholar Page

Senior Scala Engineer @ Blue Orange Digital

[2018 - Present]

Full Stack Developer @ Vaspian LLC

[2014 - 2018]

Scientist / Software Developer @ Sensorcon, Inc.

[2011 - 2014]

PhD Theoretical Chemistry @ University at Buffalo

[2008 - 2012]